Become a TRANSFORMATIVE leader who thrives & build successful organisations

Oct 04, 2022

Traditional leadership is dead.


Transformational leadership is in.


And I'm personally glad about it. Why?


We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous world, where: 

...change is permanent 

...the uncertainty and unknown increases  

...complexity expands  

...many things are unclear.


In the current environment, we can find ourselves easily operating in a 'survival mode' - worried, stressed, insecure, doubting, overthinking, working hard without breaks, procrastinating, feeling exhausted etc.


Leaders are also affected by this and many operate in this 'survival mode' creating a fear-based culture: by fostering an environment where people feel not valued, heard, or afraid to speak up, pushed to perform and do more, and increase measures of control  - we add on to a fear-based 'surviving' mode and face BURNOUT and an era of GREAT RESIGNATion - which is happening.


When we lead and operate from the SURVIVAL state, WE CAN NOT

-> have engaged, creative, and high-performing teams and organizations 

-> tap to our personal and organizational potential 

-> be happy and fulfilled and make a positive impact.


Therefore, leaders need to learn how to shift to THRIVING to TRANSFORM their LEADERSHIP APPROACH to build engaged cultures.


So you as a leader need to transform first in order to transform the team and organization. 


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In essence, if you really want to THRIVE and enable it in your organization as a leader, you need to become a TRANSFORMATIVE LEADER.


Transformative leaders focus on PEOPLE, TEAMS, AND CULTURE and becoming their BEST AUTHENTIC VERSION out of a deep place of self-awareness.

How do they do it?

Transformative leaders focus on 5 areas:



What does it take to become such a transformative leader? 


...which is very different from being interested in it.

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Committed to personal growth leaders invest in personal growth and choose people who can help them become their best authentic version, get out of their comfort zone, overcome their fears and unconscious limitations and gain confidence, clarity, strategies, and habits to be successful, fulfilled, and happy.


So are you interested in or committed to your personal growth?

If you are committed, I would love to help you become a transformative leader who brings positive change, build engaged cultures and successful teams, inspire and develop people and thrive in several dimensions.


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