Embody the Extraordinary Leader from within


A high level intimate group program for progressive senior and executive leaders who want to tap to the next level of selves to create extraordinary impact & success in business and in life.

Do you aspire extraordinary?

  • you lead and live with purpose and truly make a difference
  • ¬†you create extraordinary results at ease, feel¬†confident and happy inside, and lead¬† with a magnetic positive energy that inspires others
  • you are a magnet to great opportunities coming your way in business and life
  • you are an impactful communicator and influencer - when you communicate you inspire and others¬†can not stop listening¬†
  • you have an extraordinary (leadership)¬† team that is aligned, motivated, fully committed, and collaborating together using the strengths of each to realize shared vision and¬† goals
  • you set a new standard in your organization that unleash exponential growth

  • you live an uncompromised, abundant life full of joy meaningful connection, passion, serenity, freedom
  • you¬†have an exciting career & are present mentally with your family¬†
  • you¬†have time for yourself and fun activities¬†
  • you¬†feel limitless and unstoppable


Is that a Vision you want to make your reality?

  • If yes, I want you to know that the¬†most¬†powerful strategy¬†to realize your vision is : "Embodiment"¬†- because you¬†create not what you aspire, but who you are!
  • If you here, you probably have your version of that vision and have been on a¬†journey of growth,¬†experiencing shifts
  • you¬†already know¬†you have an¬†unlimited¬†potential and power within¬†
  • and you want to tap into it fully, elevate your consciousness and¬†embody¬†your powerful, true self¬†- that extraordinary leader¬†
  • you want to experience¬†breakthroughs, rapid results and¬† transition to a leadership style characterized by ease and flow rather than mere hard work


Welcome to the world of extraordinary  possibilities....

 Embody your Extraordinary self

 to turn your Vision into reality

with more ease & joy

Join Now

Here is why I created this program and what it is all about....


Let me guide you every step of the way.


Embark on a journey with a small group of progressive senior leaders .... 

to step into the Extraordinary version of yourself and create the impact and life you desire with far more ease, joy, and flow.


We start 16th of May 2024.



Here's what you'll experience:

  • Tap to¬†the energy of¬†your powerful self:¬†Unlock higher Consciousness states¬†to match the highest levels of success and potential. Experience significant breakthroughs, and tune in to ease and flow.

  • Shift Your Limits:¬†Transform subconscious limitations and emotional blocks that hold you back from realizing your vision. Gain access to a toolkit¬†that empowers you to overcome these barriers.

  • Boost your productivity & Bent Time:¬†Access flow states to optimize your time management, achieve more in less time, and accelerate the realization of your results.

  • Enhance Intuition &¬†Creativity:¬†Tap into your intuition and awaken creativity to be continuously guided on your path. Harness powerful and creative ideas from a state of high consciousness to realize your vision.

  • Become unstoppable:¬† Deepen self-trust, confidence, and courage. Cultivate acceptance, love, and compassion to thrive and inspire those around you.
  • Unlock financial abundance:¬†Shift your mindset to attract and enhance financial flow and abundance in both your personal and professional life.
  • Transform your impact: Unleash the potential growth, collaboration, engagement, productivity, and ownership within your team and organization.

  • Collective¬†Growth: Join a community of progressive leaders to share your journey, gain inspiration, and co-create a powerful, energizing synergy.

Here is what waits you

  • 6 Modules: to guide your journey, 6 building blocks with recordings, a workbook with reflection,¬†tools, visuals,¬†group calls, Q&A sessions
  • 6 x 90 min Interactive group Sessions¬†facilitated¬†by me each month¬†focused on practical application

  • 4 x 60-minute Q&A¬†group sessions for real-time support and any of your questions

  • 2 x personalized one-on-one sessions¬†with me - an¬†exceptional coach, experienced in deeply transformative work - offering the support and guidance you need to¬†embody¬†your¬†next level

  • Powerful¬†activations - that will help you connect with the powerful self and shift your state¬†in the moment¬† and get into flow and creativity, be more grounded, present, calm, on high vibration
  • Easy & flexible access to the platform: listen to the recorded content, sessions you missed, activations, and access tools at your own pace from your smartphone¬†

  • Support from¬†other progressive leaders -¬†who share the journey and challenges, and who can inspire, support,¬†and¬†enrich your leadership journey.

  • Continued Growth: Ability to rewatch sessions, and all recorded videos and revisit exercises after the program.

The cohort starts on 16th of May and is for leaders who are committed to being extraordinary, turning their vision into reality, and growing together. 


Your Investment is 6.000 euros

Extra bonuses for my clients and payment plans  are available.
Please check the payment plans in the  the FAQ section.

 If you are my existing or past client


Enjoy your extraordinary benefits:

  • As a past client, I am granting you a 15% bonus.

  • As a clients who started¬†to work with me¬†in 2024 you can enjoy a 30% bonus.


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  • Gain clarity¬†on¬†what would best serve you to meet your¬†aspirations and needs.


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Inside the program

you will find all support you need to realize your vision and step into the next level of self:

Life calls

 focused on implementation,  support, learning from each other



with explanation, insights, examples expanding your awareness.



to embody your Extraordinary leader energy, shift states, emotions, access flow, expand creativity. 


for each module, providing insights, explanations, reflections, tools, resources  


Frequently Asked Questions

Join me to become an extraordinary leader from within and transform your vision into reality


The transformative shifts that my clients experience profoundly influence their leadership outcomes - allowing leaders to inspire and lead with authenticity, clarity, and a positive impact.

These shifts also contribute to a more fulfilling and desired life....



  • Enhance Self-Awareness & understanding of¬†human behaviors
  • Master¬†managing own mind and emotions¬†
  • Gain clarity,¬†drive, and inspiration fueling actions
  • Become more EQ - empathic, compassionate, and intentional¬†
  • Increase confidence and a deeper sense of trust¬†
  • Feel empowered, in the driver's seat of their life and behaviors
  • Lead in alignment with the authentic self¬†
  • Embrace presence, joy, playfulness, ease in the way they¬†create results
  • Dare to take courageous decisions¬†
  • Access intuition and inner wisdom for decision-making¬†
  • Create personal space and boundaries¬†



  • leaders inspire , drive change and¬†lead with authenticity, clarity, and a positive impact,
  • a more fulfilled, balanced and desired life and freedom¬†
  • improved relationships, connection, trust and psychological safety
  • increased personal influence, impactful communication and leadership presence
  • more ease and flow in navigating challenges, boost resilience, productivity and personall wellbeing
  • better & faster decisions and realizing goals they did not imagine were possible
  • ¬†unlock the potential of others, foster a positive environment and collaboration
  • ¬†progress in their careers and create new busines opportunities¬†

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