Meet Dagmara Asbreuk

The Founder and CEO of Extraordinary Leadership,

an Executive Coach, and Inspirational Speaker.

She brings an international backgroud, having lived in 4 countries and speaking 5 languages.

She spent +15 years initiating and leading organisational changes and teams in procurement, and empowering people in global automotive corporatios.

She knows what it takes to transform organizations and teams to success and the challenges leaders face on the way including many battles inside.

Dagmara strongly believes that organizational transformation depends on leaders' transformation and is committed to helping her clients unleash their potential.

Facing her challenges & aiming to be an inspiring and transformative leader she embarked on a journey of personal growth followed by a coaching education. 

She saw the amazing impact transforming inner limitations and unleashing unexploit potential on her confidence, wellbeing as well as trust and team results.

In this journey she also discovered her true purpose and end of 2021 with courage she left behind an established corporate career to start Extraordinary Leadership to help leaders transform themselves and their organisations. 

Today, leaning on her own leadership journey and her unique Extraordinary Leadership Blueprint , she guides senior and executive leaders to new heights. 

1️⃣ Become more Inspiring and Impactful: she helps leaders walk a transformative path to authenticity and courage, expanding own influence & sence of fulfillment.

2️⃣ Transform the organization to the Next Level - she helps leaders build extraordinary teams and empower talents raising ownership and innovation .

3️⃣ Regain inner Power: She helps leaders to reduce stress and doubts and connect with their powerful place inside, gaining deep trust, inner peace, positive energy and joy.

She is known to ignite new insights, awake intuition, transform inner state & habits and be your trusted sparring partner - all in a safe space that she creates to help leaders rise to extraordinary.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and transformative tools to empower her clients step into an extraordinary version of self, reconnect, develop supportive mindset, and get access to skills they need to realize their vision.

Whether you're looking to transform your organisation, ignite change, develop leaders or be more fulfilled yourself, Dagmara has the experience, knowledge, and passion to guide you on your journey to becoming an extraordinary.



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