Meet Dagmara Asbreuk

The Founder and CEO of Extraordinary Leadership,

an Executive Coach, and Inspirational Speaker.

Dagmara is a distinguished ICF-certified transformational executive and team coach, and keynote speaker with a wealth of practical experience, spanning over 15 years, in leading change, teams and empowering talents within Fortune 500 companies in the automotive sector.

Her approach is rooted in a deep-seated passion for empowering leaders to embrace their authenticity and unleash their potential as catalysts for change, thereby fostering success through a focus on culture, people, and growth in all aspects of life.

With a rich international background and a keen sense of intercultural awareness, Dagmara's journey has taken her across four countries, enhancing her ability to communicate in five languages.

This unique blend of experiences enables her to swiftly forge trust with senior and executive leaders by deeply understanding the myriad challenges they encounter, including internal conflicts, and promptly pinpointing their specific needs. 

Dagmara is firmly convinced that the key to organizational achievement lies in unlocking human potential, viewing leadership transformation as not just beneficial but essential.

Her belief is not just theoretical but is backed by her personal transformative journey, in which coaching has played a pivotal role. This evolution has seen her emerge as a transformational and inspirational leader who is making a significant impact, guiding others to unleash their full potential and navigate the path to transformation with confidence and clarity.

Dagmara brings a wealth of experience and transformative tools to empower her clients step into an extraordinary version of self, reconnect, develop supportive mindset, and get access to skills they need to realize their vision.

Her coaching style is marked by an intuitive and genuine demeanor, underscored by a mature emotional intelligence that resonates well with her clients.

Whether you're looking to transform your organisation, develop leaders and teams and be more fulfilled yourself, Dagmara has the experience, knowledge, and passion to guide you on your journey to becoming an extraordinary leader.



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