Are you an authentic leader?

Oct 18, 2023

Authentic Leadership Matters for Business Success

In today's dynamic business landscape, the term "Authentic Leadership" is gaining more significance than ever before.

It is not just a buzzword but a powerful approach that leads to better organizational outcomes, employee satisfaction, and societal impact.

Extraordinary Leadership stands for authentic leaders, as they inspire, build trust, attract the right talents, foster engagement and growth, and create an environment where individuals thrive, and innovation flourishes.


What does it truly mean to be an authentic leader?

Authentic leaders.....

  •   are IMPACT DRIVEN - they are driven by making a positive change, leaving a meaningful effect on people
  •  are CHANGE MAKERS -  lead and live in alignment with their purpose, values, and principles, setting a benchmark for the organizational culture they envision.
  •  are EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT - deeply aware of how they make others feel, understand human behaviors & work on themselves to respond in a way that aligns with the positive impact
  • ️ are HONEST with themselves & others, standing to their values and what is important for the greater good & TRANSPARENT in communication.
  •  are COURAGEOUS to show vulnerability - acknowledging their own imperfections they encourage open communication and foster a culture of growth.
  •  CONNECT with people - invest time to understand the unique strengths and aspirations of their team members, driving collective success.

In an era where the human touch is invaluable, authenticity in leadership is a game-changer.

Authentic leadership empowers you to lead with purpose and impact, and it contributes to the bottom line.


Here are 10 consequences to business of inauthentic leadership:

  1. Lack of Trust: Inauthentic leaders often create a culture of distrust leading to skepticism and low morale.
  2. Low Employee Engagement: When leaders are inauthentic, employees may feel disconnected and disengaged and not motivated to give their best efforts.
  3. High Turnover: Inauthentic leadership can lead to high employee turnover. 
  4. Reduced Productivity and Innovation: When employees lack trust in their leaders, productivity tends to suffer and people are less creative.
  5. Communication Breakdown: Inauthentic leaders may not be open to feedback or transparent communication, leading to misunderstandings and miscommunication within the organization.
  6. Negative Organizational Culture: Inauthentic leadership fosters a toxic or negative organizational culture, where unethical behavior may be tolerated.
  7. Missed Opportunities: Inauthentic leaders may not recognize and capitalize on opportunities for growth and improvement, as their focus may be more on personal gain or maintaining appearances.
  8. Reputation Damage: An organization led by inauthentic leaders may suffer damage to its reputation, making it less attractive to customers, partners, and employees.
  9. Resistance to Change: Inauthentic leaders may face resistance when trying to implement changes or strategic initiatives, as team members may doubt their intentions.
  10. Stress and Burnout: Inauthentic leadership can lead to stress and burnout among employees who are constantly dealing with a lack of trust and an unhealthy work environment.

Inauthentic leadership can have a damaging impact on organizations, affecting everything from culture and morale to productivity and long-term success.

It's essential for leaders to prioritize authenticity to foster a healthy and thriving work environment.

Becoming an authentic leader is not by confidence.

It requires you to discover yourself, evaluate your impact, define what you need to change, transform from within, and become more aligned and courageous.

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