Business is all about people - understanding human behaviors and your impact

Oct 07, 2023

Business is all about people.

You can have the best process, technology, or strategy, but if you do not have your people behind you - it will not happen.

As a leader, I am sure you will agree with me on that.

The PROBLEM lies in really UNDERSTANDING people and HUMAN BEHAVIORS, which you as a leader absolutely need in order to pilot any change in your organization successfully, add more value, raise performance and increase the bottom-line results.

It's also about understanding your own IMPACT and the problem of not understanding it.


Knowing people is beyond knowing about their backgrounds, passions, strengths, weaknesses, values, and needs.

It's about understanding their MINDSET (their beliefs), fears, and doubts - which are usually limiting them to be at their best and causes people:

...procrastinate or avoid action, decision not follow through on agreed steps

...resist changes

...make excuses not show up confident or make courageous decisions


NOT EFFECTIVE ways of dealing with it are:

1. Pushing your employees (it works only short term and kills potential)

2. Repeating your requests and expectations

3. Showing aggression or doubts in them that infuse more fear

4. Judgeíng or blaming them (in your head or verbally) - which blinds you and increases frustration.


All 4 approaches increase FEAR and activate the SURVIVAL mechanisms which show up as defending, resistance, avoidance, and excuses.!


What is FAR  MORE EFFECTIVE is a non-judgmental approach in which you as a leader bring CURIOSITY + EMPATHY + COURAGE + PATIENCE to the table.


This approach gives you a chance to understand what is really going on beneath the surface and find a solution.


Here is the catch - Your ability to be SUCCESSFUL with this approach DEPENDS directly on your:

- level of awareness about your impact

- your emotional intelligence and how you hold the space

- understanding how the mind works

- having an effective structure and questions


And this is very often where the problem starts....when as a leader you lack in these 4 areas, as you have not been supported.


 This is precisely why the EXTRAORDINARY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is designed to bring leaders that level of awareness, strengthening EQ skills, and equipping leaders with strategies to lead their organization and business effectively.


Explore the program and schedule a CALL today to improve your Impact and effectiveness as a leader.


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