Coaching - a new leadership style

Sep 24, 2022

Do you want to bring your leadership to the next level?

Do you want to have a successful team, where members are happy and engaged, initiate, lead, cooperate successfully, and bring value, develop, and grow?

Have you heard about coaching as an effective leadership style? According to the Harvard Business Review, many companies have already recognized its positive impact and moved into training their leaders to become coaches.

If that is all new to you and you wonder why and how to coach then this article will provide you with more insight.

First, let us make clear what coaching is since there are a lot of misconceptions about what coaching is and what coaching is not.

Coaching is not mentoring (an expert shares the knowledge with a less experienced person), training, consulting (giving advice), therapy, or telling people what to do.


  • is a partnering process that focuses on helping you to achieve your goals faster
  • is asking open-ended & thought-provoking questions to gain perspectives, challenge your thinking
  • helps you raise awareness about yourself (including values, self-limiting beliefs, and fears) & find your answers
  • is very beneficial when you want to transform, accelerate your growth and succeed.
 A coach is a catalyst facilitating change, who help you find clarity, motivation, igniting insight. It's a partner who help you to reach your goals. Who help yo transform

Why should you be interested in bringing coaching into your leadership?


Leaders who coach focus on collaboration, open communication, maximizing potential of employees. They create trust, connect, empower to take ownership, stimulate motivation and engagement that leads to increase performance and overall satisfaction.

Imagine now, if you would be a coaching leader what impact could you make on your team and the people around you?

As a coaching leader, you could….

  • help people to develop new skills, and insights to solve problems, get the best of them
  • build relationships, trust, and connection with your members
  • have meaningful conversations, improve communication, and better understand others
  • move beyond to a whole new level of performance, productivity, and creativity
  • encourage and stimulate a positive environment of learning

How to bring coaching into leading?


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Embrace a beginner’s mindset  - practice will make you better, you will make mistakes it’s ok, learn from them.

Observe how the conversation evolves, and what impact you make on others when you apply these steps.

Keep a journal to reflect on what when well, and what you can do differently next time.

Take a coach to help you to build coaching skills, mindset, and questions.


Want to take your leadership to the next level?

Build coaching skills.

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