How You Stay in Your Own Way of Getting Where you Want To Be

Apr 03, 2023

Key insights for Extraordinary Leaders  

Why are you not where you want to be as a leader? Why you do not have what you want in business or life? 

Have you ever wondered about it?

These are the most likely 3 reasons:

1. You are not clear on what you really want

2. You are interested but not committed

3. You doubt yourself

I'll expand on each here to help you identify which is the reason that holds you back and what you can do to move forward.


Reason nr. 1: You are not clear on what you really want

 This is the starting point of change - you need to define what you really want to gain clarity & motivation. 

 'Whatever the mind of a man can conceive, it can achieve' N.Hills

The key point here is to be really specific. 

 Ex. It's not enough to say: ' I want a next leadership role' or 'be an inspiring leader' or 'have more balance in my life' etc. You need to go 1 level deeper and define what it looks like.

 You need to turn it into a tangible picture that evokes emotions - which is called a vision. The best expression of what you want is a Vision Board, which successful people affirm and use as their compass for decision-making. 

 Personal example: one of the pictures on my vision board represents happy leaders whose life and positive impact transforms thanks to working with me, which fuels me with joy and fulfillment. With that focus - I choose game-changing tools for my programs, revamp editions and invest permanently in my own transformation with the best coaches to bring my best self. I define yearly, quarterly and monthly goals and take action. 

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Reason 2: You are interested but not committed 

You are committed when you are fully in. To be where you want to be and create what you truly want, being interested is not enough. Because: 

 'When you are interested in something you will do what is easy, when you are committed you will do what it takes' J. Assaraf

 Going after what you want requires you to be FULLY IN - it determines your actions, how you deal with challenges, what investments and risks you take, and whom you ask for help. 

If you sense you lack commitment:

A. Your vision and goals are too small - it's not exciting, it does not make you or (your team) grow

B. What you think you want is not what you desire - it does not align with your values, purpose, or impact you want

C. You are doubting yourself

Personal example: Jumping from a corporate career I committed myself to helping leaders and organizations to thrive. Being fully into that - I invested in several programs and a personal coach.  As a result, I built my business structure, and consistency in effective actions and started new programs giving my clients access to transformative experiences. I stretched myself and took bolt steps. I would not have realized it all if I was not committed.

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Reason 3: You doubt yourself

This one is the most common reason why you (your team) are not where you want to be. 

 We can be really good at that:

- I do not know if I can make it 

- It's too much for me (effort, time, money)

- I will do it when...I have time /money 

- I need to focus on something else now 

- Others do not think it's a good idea


The reason why it happens is that you are afraid and DOUBT YOURSELF.

That happens because deep down you DO NOT BELIEVE OR TRUST YOURSELF.

Instead, you are buying into a lie that you are not good enough or not worthy which makes you stay where you are.

Those doubts and fears lead to resistance. It limits you.

Just imagine, what would you do if you truly believed you are worthy, enough and there are no limits? Can you see what is possible from there? If not, then you were not honest with yourself.

Breaking through those fears and resistance is the DEAL BREAKER in getting where you want to be in your life and business. And it requires you to develop a supportive mind.


Personal example: Breaking through these limiting beliefs and developing a supportive mind opened new possibilities, new ways of thinking and being, enabling me to feel empowered and take bold steps. It's the deal breaker in navigating unknown and more challenging territories, like building a business or in my past career leading changes. So I'm very conscious about investing in my unshakable belief, and surrounding myself with the right people especially when my goals and challenges grow.  

 If I can do it you can do it too!

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When you want a breakthrough on whatever holds you back from living and leading from your full potential,  connect with me.


The world needs extraordinary leaders - be one of them.

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