Leadership is how you make people feel

Sep 23, 2022

Trust, inspiration, and motivation - are all #emotions.

Yet, how often do you talk about emotions at work?

How many times, are you asking your employees or peers: 'HOW DO YOU FEEL?'
instead of 'how are you doing ?'

How many times do you share with your team how you feel?

If you do not ask people about their feeling or share yours:
➡️ you miss the opportunity to really connect with people 
➡️ you miss the opportunity to show that you really care
➡️ you miss the opportunity to build psychological safety (emotional trust), 

If people do not feel you care, or feel connected, they do not trust you, they will not follow you, and they will not open up.

So as a leader if you focus only on the rational aspects, pure logic, and facts you will miss connecting with your people and taking them with you.

Now, for many expressing emotions and feelings in business does not come easy, it creates discomfort.

There can be 3 reasons for that:
1️⃣ It's an act of vulnerability - so you might be afraid to open up

2️⃣You have created a belief that emotions do not belong in business

3️⃣ You disconnect from emotions and escape to logic

Whichever it is, starting with understanding yourself, breaking through what holds you back, and connecting with your emotions in order to get more comfortable speaking about them with your team is important.


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