Extraordinary leaders are emotionally and mentally agile

Jan 02, 2023

Your ability to be an effective leader depends on your ability to be emotionally and mentally agile.

Leaders face many challenges, especially now and so learning how to lead yourself, and navigate effectively different emotional states and triggers is important for your well-being and the impact on others.

But what is at the core of our triggers and emotions?

It's our mind, that can be your best friend and worst enemy sabotaging us through our self-talk.


Shirzad Chamine, from Positive Intelligence, helps us to understand that at the core of:

  • Our performance
  • Our ability to connect, understand others, and be empathic, build emotional intelligence
  • Our ability to navigate challenges & conflicts positively
  • Our ability to handle stress, anger, anxiety, worry etc
  • Our ability to create a lasting change
  • our ability to navigate challenges positively

Is our ability to manage our mind – an ability to shift from sabotaging to serving us (thriving) mind.

Based on research, we have 10 different types of saboteurs inhabiting our minds and causing ineffective autopilot behaviors. Those are judge, controller, hyper achiever, avoided, pleaser et.

They are all based on fear and so at the cause of any negative emotions, like stress, worry, pressure, anxiety, disappointment, anger etc.

At the same time in the thriving part of our brain, there are lots of wisdom and resources we want to use in leadership and life - empathy, curiosity, creativity, courage, meaning, and purpose.

So learning how to activate that part of us is a game changer in leadership, as it helps us be a more impactful and human-centric leader.

MENTAL FITNESS from positive Intelligence is exactly helping us to do it -  to shift to a positive state when dealing with any type of challenge.

All are research-based and incorporate neuroscience, positive psychology, performance science, and cognitive psychology. 

The below illustration shows the essence:



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Leaders who work on their mental fitness:

  • deal with challenges positively and at ease
  • recognize opportunities and take risks
  • become better listeners, more present, and empathic
  • become more creative and courageous 
  • reduce conflicts and communicate more effectively
  • experience being more productive, happy, energized, and inspiring.
  • foster psychological safety


Imagine how much better a leader and human being you would be if you were able to :

-  reduce stress, worry, overthinking, doubts, and anger?

- navigate challenges at ease?

- I embrace conflicts positively?

- bring more empathy into leading?

- gain creativity and joy in solving problems?


It would transform the dynamic in your team and organization, and it will help you be more impactful and in a better state.


Bringing Mental Fitness to my clients, I see how much they shift in just 8 weeks of practice - they are more joyful, lighter, happier, present, empathic, and more effective as leaders.


Interested to find out more?

Check here for more &  book a call with me to see how I can help you build your mental and emotional agility.

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