What type of leaders build successful organisations?

Feb 15, 2023

About 50% of employees leave organizations because of their bosses, according to Gallup studies.

About 50% of employees are disengaged.


Businesses face many challenges:

  • Competition, complexity, and the speed of change increase
  • People's values change - meaning, connection, and fulfillment, balance, flexibility is more valued
  • People have more choices to build their careers


Mental health issues increase both among leaders and employees.

In a survey by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of workers reported that their job was "very or extremely stressful," and 25% said that work was the most stressful aspect of their lives.


So the question is:

What type of leaders do we need in order to thrive as an organization and human beings?

Traditional leadership with hierarchical approaches is not effective anymore and instead reduces human potential, and productivity and causes mental health issues.


Instead, we need leaders who are conscious and human-centric.

Conscious and human-centric leaders foster connection, collaboration, engagement and positive change.

They understand their impact and stand for making a positive one

They create a culture where people feel safe to speak up and challenge the status quo, included, supported, knowing they make a difference, and adapting quickly to a change.

They inspire and motivate employees to unlock their potential, be empowered, grow, as well as care for their well-being.

They are empathetic, active listeners, build relationships and skilled communicators who value diversity and inclusion.

They create a culture that opens the door to innovation and growth and higher employee satisfaction.


So how can you become a more conscious and human-centric leader?

To become a cosncious and human centric leader you need to do the inner work and get effective leadership strategies to build culture, teams and develop people.

It includes:

  • reevaluating and creating the impact you want to make
  • connecting with you who are at the core - your vision, values, and purpose
  • it's about getting to the root of your ineffective behaviors, discovering your blindspots, changing your habits
  • building more empathy and compassion, starting with the self
  • developing a growth mindset to navigate challenges and emotions positively
  • building competencies to build an inspiring vision, steer ownership, utilize conflicts productively, listen actively, and ask powerful questions etc.



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Becoming an extraordinary leader does not happen by coincidence and overnight.

Leaders become extraordinary when they commit to their personal growth and transformation.

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