When to invest in an executive coach?

Nov 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered if and when to invest in the executive coach?


Many leaders including my clients did, so you are not alone.


Over the last years, I realized many senior and executive leaders have not yet had a chance to experience coaching and its transformative power and may wonder why or when to invest.


This is why, I wanted to share with you why and when my clients decided to look for a coach, to help your decision-making.


Let's define first what coaching is.

Here is my definition based on firsthand experience and results of my clients.



Coaching is all about transforming our mindset, emotions, actions, and being and expanding on individual or organizational levels.


It's about unleashing our true potential.


Now you might want to know that executives and senior leaders who work with me, come to me with one or both of these aspirations:

They want to be more inspiring leaders and evolve personally, be extraordinary role models -thriving in business and life, authentic, confident, fulfilled, positive and balanced.
They want to transform their organization (a function or the whole organization) to a new level of performance, effectiveness, and impact, with engaged, committed, passionate talents who collaborate positively and grow.


The reality of my clients before working with me differs from their aspirations and they end up being stressed, frustrated, busy, overwhelmed, or even stuck and lost at times.


Here are the 7 reasons why they decided to seek a coach:


💡 GAIN NEW PERSPECTIVES: They craved a sparring partner, someone to bring fresh insights and challenge their perspectives, that invaluable an objective ally, offering a different lens on challenges and opening doors to unexplored possibilities.


🚀TRANSFORM INEFFECTIVE PATTERNS: Recognizing the need to break free from ineffective patterns, my clients sought a guide to help them navigate the transformational process, and provide the space and support to understand, confront, and reshape these patterns for lasting change.


📈 LARGER RESPONSIBILITY & IMPACT: Entering bigger roles with larger challenges and expectations, my clients seek strategic guidance, a partner supporting them in navigating uncharted territories, dealing with resistance, and helping in gaining clarity in decision-making to thrive in leadership roles.


💥 STRESSED, OVERWHELMED & STARTING TO EXPERIENCE HEALTH ISSUES:  Some of my clients came to me as the stress, doubt, and overwhelm from the weight of their responsibilities started to affect their well-being. Some even went to a doctor or physiotherapist beforehand. As most of our health issues are driven by emotional stress caused by our mind, coaching brings holistic support, helping to find and deal with the root causes of our stress, building powerful habits, and fostering a balanced approach to leadership.



🌟 FACING CHALLENGES IN TRANSFORMING THEIR ORGANIZATION FROM GOOD TO GREAT: Many wanted to be more inspiring and capable in transforming their organizations to new heights. They faced resistance and challenges on the way to bringing their vision to reality and building a more positive, collaborative, high-ownership culture that brings better results and value to business and stakeholders and thrive.


🌱 ASPIRING TO GROW PEOPLE: Many wanted to gain skills in developing and coaching employees, helping them to develop a growth mindset, ownership for a positive attitude, and unleashing their potential and happiness.


🔍 SEEKING ANSWERS: Many of my clients started to ask themselves a question - where do I want to make an impact? What do I want? What is my purpose and where do I want to be in 5 years? Coaching helps in finding clarity and connecting with self to find a deeper level of insight which leads to powerful and aligned choices and roadmaps.




Do any of the above challenges resonate with you?


🚀If so, it's time to look for an executive coach and say yes to your goals aspirations, and growth.


Staying longer with challenges affects your well-being, career, impact and your organizational growth.


If you would like to explore how I can support you, book a complimentary 30-minute CLARITY call with me.


The minimum that you will gain from this conversation is - clarity for yourself on what you want, what is the real challenge and what you need.


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