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A self paced high level program for leaders to  activate the power from within & craft a holistic VISION

"The reality is created twice, once in a mind and then in reality", R.Sharma.

Your journey of becoming an Extraordinary leader starts with crafting a powerful VISION.

That vision is an inspiring and tangible picture of your powerful true self and the impact and life that you want to create.

 That vision carries its power and becomes your TRANSFORMATION TOOL.

In the process of creating a vision you not only connect with your true essence, and discover core values but also shift first beliefs about yourself and create a powerful IDENTITY.

How it all started...

I have been creating visions since an early age, initially as an escape from reality.

These childhood visions were ‚Äúnice dreams to have‚ÄĚ, but in fact, I did realize them in my late 20s,¬† being focused and determined.¬†

So I concluded, that it is possible to realize your dreams....

As a leader, I asked myself what kind of leader I wanted to be and initially made a very generic picture.

A vision played also an important role in rising from a very challenging phase in my corporate career.

In this phase, I leaned into the process of a deeper discovery to answer ‚Äst What¬†legacy do I want to leave? What do I want in life?

I visited several programs, which helped me discover my core values, craft a leadership vision and lead more intentionally.

I noticed that this vision was coming to reality in unexpected ways.

This is when I realized, there is something more than clarity and focus that this Vision brings…..

When I  started my own business, I knew it was time to expand my vision.

I worked with top coaches in this realm, and discovered how to use the vision to faster realize (manifest) it.

They introduced me to powerful processes and  secrets.

Since then I have been in love with this process, amazed at how it serves me in realizing and inviting new opportunities into my life, allowing me to be in the driver's seat of my life and make a desired impact. 

I brought it already to my clients who love the process and the results coming out of it.

Now, is a time to share this process with you

Watch this video where I explain what the process of crafting your vision is about...


Let me guide you STEP by STEP in this process to activate your powerful self and craft your VISION

In the program you will:


  • CONNECT with your essence and powerful self
  • Gain CLARITY¬†and ignite INTUITION and CREATIVITY¬†to define what you truly want¬†
  • Discover your CORE VALUES
  • ¬†ACTIVATE¬†and ENVISION the powerful version of self¬†
  • Experience inner¬†SHIFTS - awareness and energy
  • TURN¬†your Vision into pictures¬†
  • DISCOVER the keys to manifestation and transformation

You will walk out with:


  • ¬†a tangible and inspiring¬†COMPASS¬†for your decisions¬† and actions - a VISION BOARD
  • a sence of¬†DRIVE, EMPOWEREMENT¬†and refueled¬†CONFIDENCE¬†felt inside
  • a sence of FOCUS¬† and¬†PURPOSE¬†for your¬†next steps
  • a new¬†IDENTITY¬†that¬†will¬†drive your behaviors
  • first extraordinary¬† TOOLS¬†to¬†support your vision realization¬†
  • elevated¬†AWARENES¬†on what trully matters in realizing your vision
  • ACCESS¬†to the platform - giving youan¬† ability to rewatch sessions and revisit exercises.

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The value of the program is at 977 EUR.


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Take this chance to dive into yourself and create clarity, inspiration and more intentional leadership and life.

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Inside the program

you will find a proven 10 STEP process with various resources  guiding you through and in your own pace to create your tangible and inspiring Vision:


with explanation, insights and examples guiding you through the process



to envision and activate your powerful self and anker new identity


Powerful Questions

to connect with yourself & discover core values and what you really want

 Inspiring Pictures

to support crafting your tangible vision



...allowing you to go through the program  at your own pace.

...and repeat it whenever you want to expand your vision again.

BUT that is not all....

you will also get 2 extra bonuses to support you after the program.

Bonus #1

5 key steps to realize your vision

Bonus #2

Powerful Habits of Extraordinary Leaders

You will also have a chance to purchase a VIP access granting you a call with me at any point of the process, to ensure you get the upmost support.




INTRODUCTION: I will introduce you to Vision and  Vision Boards and the science behind it so that you walk through the process with awareness.

STEP 1: SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS: I will walk you on how to prepare for this program so that you can walk out with the best possible outcome for yourself

STEP 2: AWAKE YOUR DESIRE: with powerful questions, I will guide you to awaken your creative part of the brain and intuition, connect with yourself, and start dreaming bigger.

STEP 3: DISCOVER YOUR CORE VALUES: Core values are your inner needs. I will guide you to discover them & help you understand the difference between mean values.  It will enable you to be a more authentic leader, take better decisions and choices in alignment with your inner needs, build trust, be more fulfilled, and confident, and thrive. 

STEP 4: CONNECT WITH YOUR ESSENCE: with a guided meditation, I will let you connect with your essence, who you truly are, have always been, and have forgotten about. It will be a powerful experience for you reminding you who you truly are.

STEP 5: START CHOOSING PICTURES: turning your vision to pictures increases your chance of realization. You will have access to inspiring pictures to choose from that represent your vision. 

STEP 6: SHAPE YOUR IDENITY:  Your reality - impact, success, happiness - is a reflection of who you are. You will start to understand your current identity and shape your new one.

STEP 7: EXPAND YOUR VISION: I will introduce you to the process of expanding your vision, connecting with your higher self, and preparing you for it.

STEP 8: ACTIVATE YOUR POWERFUL SELF  & ENVISION WHAT IS POSSIBLE: with a guided meditation, you will connect with your powerful self, feel its energy, and see the life and impact this version of you creates.

9. FINALIZE YOUR VISION BOARD - you will make your vision tangible in the form of a Vision Board. This will include all elements of your life, your values, your desires, your impact, and your dreams. Having the vision board in your hands will inspire strong positive emotions.

10. DECLARE YOUR VISION -  In this step, I will guide you to declare your vision for yourself and you will discover why it is an important step in your vision creation and realization.

BONUS 1:  5 KEY STEPS IN VISION REALIZATION -  You created & declared your vision - what's next? How do you turn it into reality? let me introduce you to the 5 key elements crucial for your vision realization.

BONUS 2: HABITS OF EXTRAORDINARY LEADERS - what you do daily defines you. You will discover the habits of Extraordinary Leaders and choose those to help you realize your vision.


Clients who join the program:  "Embody Extraordinary Leader from within", will get a COMPLIMENTARY access to this Vision creation program.

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Do not let your leadership or life to a fate.

Be intentional. Shape it now. 

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